Our Employer Relations mission is to help our employer partners discover, develop, access and maximize ASU’s talent.


Senior Director for Global Engagement & Corporate Partnerships

They say if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m very fortunate to be doing just that. I lead the team that establishes relationships with organizations from around the world to provide quality jobs and internships for our Sun Devils. Whether you represent a multinational organization or desire to expand your business operations, ASU is strategically primed to be your source of global talent. Let’s connect over the many ways we can highlight your organization’s opportunities to the best and brightest minds in the world!

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Associate Director, Alumni Career Services

We have a commitment at ASU to support our Sun Devils with complimentary career services for life! As a Sun Devil alumna, former educator at ASU Preparatory Academy- Phoenix and former Teach For America recruiter, I truly believe in the power of continuously learning and accelerating growth. My role supports and empowers ALL Sun Devil alumni to give back and receive professional development in any stage of their career. I am here to create more connections, generate collaborative opportunities and increase awareness of the career services resources to our alumni. Let’s chat about the ways we can creatively engage our over 550,000 alumni community! 

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Associate Director for Corporate Engagement & Partnerships, Western Region (CA, WA, OR, CO)

ASU is repeatedly #1 in innovation for a reason, we are breaking boundaries and tearing down conventional walls!  My role supports employers, alumni and students in the west coast market; my commitment to you is to provide you access to the talented pipeline of Sun Devil students and graduates right in your backyard.  We can partner on a recruiting event in which I bring talent to your doorstep as well as assist you with your hiring needs 365 days a year. ASU is no longer just a state university in Tempe, we have a nationwide and global reach; I look forward to the opportunity to connect you to the thousands of ASU students and alumni in your state.

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Kourtney Walker
At ASU we are passionate about our Sun Devils and I know that you will be too!  Our faculty and staff are driven to develop professionals who will make an impact on their communities—locally, nationally and internationally. As a two-time Sun Devil alumna, I have spent a significant amount of my career working with students and assisting them to develop into professionals.  In my role, I integrate my knowledge of the student population and work with employers to navigate the university ecosystem to grow their brand at ASU.  I look forward to helping you recruit Sun Devils!

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