When thinking about her future career path, Natalia always had a passion for education, but was not sure how to pursue it. Through personal outreach from a Teach for America recruiter, however, she found her home. When asked what made Teach for America the right fit for her, she said,

“Teach for America’s mission to end educational inequity really spoke to me, and teaching is always something I had thought of pursuing at some point in life. Therefore, this is a way I can give back to my community and explore this career path!”

Natalia went through the extensive interview process for Teach for America, followed by communicating and interviewing with a school district with which she was matched after being accepted, and was made an offer. During her interview process, Natalia was able to utilize resources that were available to her. Talking to the Assistant Director for Career Development at the West campus about the transferrable skills she would learn and attending a Teach for America prep session at the Tempe Career and Professional Development Services office increased her enthusiasm to apply for the role. She stated, “Thankfully, ASU and Teach for America had resources and contacts every step of the way to make sure I felt as confident and prepared in my interviews as possible!” 

Natalia is excited to be a third grade teacher in Avondale, Arizona as a Teach for America corps member. About her journey to find her career path, Natalia said, “Even though this wasn’t the path I was planning on taking after graduation, I am grateful for all the connections I made at Arizona State University that helped me throughout the entire Teach for America process. I am so proud to represent Arizona State in the local community, and show students that going to college is an attainable goal that can be achieved no matter what zip code you are raised in!”