Students come to ASU from 136 countries across the globe, enabling them to connect with and learn from people they might never have had a chance to meet. While a student at ASU, Aravind gained valuable career skills in a variety of ways. As the President of Coalition of International Students, he led a group of 30, and “achieved significant wins for international students with the help of many, including Career and Professional Development Services.” He also had an on-campus part-time job while in school. He stated, “I was a front-desk assistant at International Students and Scholars Center. Two years of customer service transformed my people skills, tolerance and confidence. This experience has been a selling point for me in interviews.” Lastly, he was a Science & Tech Reporter at the ASU StatePress. He explained, “That experience speaks to my ability to explain complex technical issues to a wide audience.”

As another way to build skills, Aravind also met regularly with the Director for International Career Development with Career and Professional Development Services, who helped him understand how to stand out as a candidate during his job search. He also utilized the Career and Professional Development Services office to understand employment contract and salary negotiations as well. When asked what interested him in working for a multinational company, Aravind stated, “They attract the best talents in the world. It is a great place to learn in the early stages of my career.” In reference to what employers should know about hiring global talent, Aravind explained, 

“Global talent brings a strong work ethic that is unique and valuable.”

“Moving thousands of miles away from family and friends to obtain education shows the dedication of international students, which employers can benefit from. The diverse ideas and perspectives these talents bring would be useful to any organization that strives on expansion.”

When Aravind was asked what a good job was to him when he started his education at ASU and what a good job is to him now, he responded, “As an international student, any job that would employ me and sponsor my visa was a good job for me. However, during my job search, I had a choice between a stable entry-level position and a risky mid-senior level job that was in my specialty, cyber security. I chose the latter.” He added, “Now my definition of a good job has become, one which involves creative problem solving, challenges my technical knowledge and utilizes my soft-skills.”