Katie – Enterprise

Katie began working for Enterprise following her graduation from college in their Management Training program, and has now been with the organization for 11 years. For the past four years, Katie has worked on the Talent Acquisition team. In terms of recruiting, Katie stated, “My college recruiting efforts have been focused directly towards ASU, where I have had much success identifying top talent to fill our Management Trainee pipeline.” Her recruitment strategy involves using online resources, such as Handshake, face-to-face recruiting at career fairs, and engagement with Career and Professional Development Services. Katie stated,

“The Career and Professional Development Services team helps to bridge the gap between students and companies, and I feel that they have helped to bring life to our Enterprise brand.”

Katie also shared a story of impact about a student she successfully recruited at an ASU career fair:

I met David W. at an ASU Career fair in the fall of 2015. He told me he was graduating that December and was encouraged by Career and Professional Development to speak with Enterprise about career opportunities. He knew we were a big company, but besides that he didn’t know much about the company. He was a Communication major and had been working at a bank for the past 4 years while in school. 

Career and Professional Development Services took the time to ask David what his long-term career goals were and, since they know about our Management Trainee program, they were able to recommend Enterprise. I set David up for an interview at my office the next week and we kept the conversation going. David was hired into our Management Trainee program and began his career on January 14, 2016. David had 2 promotions within his first year, and kept the momentum going! Here we are, just 2 ½ years later, and David is a successful Branch Manager at one of our larger Downtown branches. 

Katie concludes her story by saying, It is thanks to ASU that this recruiting success occurred in the first place. Students look up to Career and Professional Development Services professionals, and through ongoing relationships and networking, there is a win-win situation; students find careers and employers get to hire ASU graduates!”