Recruiting at ASU means recruiting exceptional global talent. When Dajana started her journey at ASU, she believed that a good salary in her eventual job would mean she had a great job. However, as she explored different career paths, this mentality has changed for her. While salary is still desirable, other factors are more important to her such as “...morale, opportunities to grow, good people to work with, etc.” She stated, “It’s no longer just about money. It’s about thoroughly loving and enjoying what I do as I spend so much time in the office.”

During her time as a student at ASU, Dajana participated in a student organization and held an on campus part-time job. About working on campus, she said, “I had a student job at ASU, and that was a great foundation. I was very passionate in everything I did, and my boss allowed me to take on projects for which I was solely responsible. This allowed me to learn and put all of my skills into practice. I made sure to do a great job, so my boss could trust me with other projects that would continue to challenge me. All of those skills have helped shape who I am today.” Dajana used the skills she learned in this position and applied them to her employment search. She tailored her application materials carefully to each position for which she applied. She stated, “Even though it took a long time, I wanted to make sure that the hiring committee knew that I took the time to think about that job and why I want to work for them before they even met me.” This thoughtfulness landed Dajana the full-time job she was looking for.

When asked what employers should know about hiring global talent, Dajana said, “The biggest thing to know is that we think in two cultures, and usually more than two languages. No matter what the job is, interacting with people from any background is our specialty by nature. While many receive training on that, life has taught us how to assimilate and adapt.”  She also explained,

“Diversity brings new perspective, new opportunities, and a global thinking within a company.”