Recent grad, Alexandra, has accepted a full-time offer following an internship she completed with an organization. She had learned about the internship opportunity through her student position with ASU Alumni Career Services, and eventually sought mentorship from an ASU alumna as the time to make a decision about her next career step neared. She stated,  “If it weren’t for her and my other trusted advisors, I wouldn't be where I am today. I am pleased that I was able to connect with those that have already been in my shoes!”  

One thing Alexandra knew for sure during her job search, however, was that finding an organization that was the right fit was of great importance. When asked about what she looked for in an employer, she said:

 For me, an organization stands out if it has something different to bring to the table. The culture and overall feel of the company are very important...I think a company should be straightforward during their hiring process and provide a complete picture to help all parties to decide if there is a mutual fit."

She went on to say,

“Knowing that time is valuable, I think that a company that is able to show that they care about me, as well as efficiently using up any time we have together, really makes a difference.”

On landing that big job after graduation, Alexandra stated, “the more I knew about job application processes and tools like Handshake, the more I felt reassured that I was putting my best foot forward. I was able to utilize my professional connections to my advantage and wouldn't be where I am now without those experiences and opportunities.” She leveraged the tools and resources that were available to her, as well as drew from the new connections she made with an organization upon completing her internship. During the interviewing process for her full-time role, she had greater insight into the organization and how she could see her role in it as a full-time staff member. She stated, “What really made my experience stand out was that I knew all of my interviewers from my internship and past experiences I had, which was not something that I expected, but definitely worked out in my favor.”